Cream Top Whole Milk

We're excited to feature Canada's original Milk-On-Tap Dispenser! It's easy to use, cuts down on waste, and provides you with the freshest, most delicious milk you've ever tasted.

  • Fresh

    Can it get any fresher? We process all of our products on-site, which means milk is as fresh as the same day you purchase it.

  • Grass fed

    Grass-fed cows produce milk that is naturally high in nutrients with a sweet buttery taste.

  • Pasteurized

    Our milk is pasteurized, as with all milk sold in Canada. We gently heat it to a low temperature so it's safe to drink but retains many of it's natural nutritional qualities.

  • Whole

    Nothing is added or removed. This means the fat percent varies throughout the seasons, but generally stays between 4-5%.

  • Cream top

    Our milk is non homogenized so naturally, some cream will rise to the top when it settles. Shake it up or scoop it off!

How it works

  • 1

    Bring your own clean reusable bottle or purchase one in-store.

  • 2

    Insert change or tokens (available in-store). 

    1 token = $3.00 = 1L

  • 3

    Follow instructions on the machine to fill up on the best milk you ever tasted!



What kind of milk is it?

Our milk is cream-top whole milk, which means the only thing we do is pasteurize. It is unhomogenized, and nothing is added or removed so the butterfat % will naturally vary throughout the seasons. On average it sits between 4-5%.

Is your milk pasteurized?

As with all milk sold in Canada, ours is pasteurized. We gently heat it to a low temperature so it's safe to drink but retains many of it's natural nutritional qualities.

Can I bring my own container?

Yes! You are welcome to bring an existing container provided it meets our criteria:

  • containers MUST be clean
  • no water bottles, sippy cups, beverage cups
  • no plastic milk jugs with an integral handle
  • food grade materials only

If you don't have a suitable container, we have options available for purchase at our store.

What are hours for your milk dispenser?

Our milk dispenser hours are 7am-6pm every day. However, if you come outside of store hours you will need your own clean bottles, lids, and exact change.

How much does your milk cost?


How do I pay for milk?

1. Exact change: Canadian change from nickels all the way up to toonies are accepted.

2. Tokens: 1 token = 1L. If you need to pay by debit or credit, please come during store hours to purchase tokens as our milk dispenser does not currently accept cards.

Is the refill system sanitary?

We take great care to ensure a clean & safe experience for everyone. Our staff maintain the milk dispensing area during the day and clean the inner workings on a regular schedule. After each fill a sanitizing cycle occurs inside the filling compartment, preparing it for the next customer.

Can I return my glass bottles to you?

Sorry, no - our glass bottles are non-refundable as they are intended to be reused time and time again.

What is the shelf life of your milk?

After filling, our milk stays fresh in the fridge for 7-10 days.

Do you feed palm products to your cows?


Are there any additives in your milk?

Nope! Just milk.

What about artificial hormones and antibiotics?

None of these!

The presence of both artificial hormones and antibiotics in milk is strictly prohibited in Canada (that's one of the reasons buying Canadian dairy is so important).

Antibiotics are used only when prescribed by a veterinarian to treat a sick animal. This milk is discarded during treatment and for while after. To ensure Canadian milk is always antibiotic free, it is tested by the plant before being accepted.