Why our Milk is So Good

Why our Milk is So Good

Once you've known good quality milk, it's hard to go back! But, what is it exactly that makes our milk so different?


It comes down to these 4 things:


Reason #1: Happy cows

two jersey cows enjoy grazing in pasture

It's the golden rule of dairy farming: contented cows produce the highest quality milk. We keep our girls happy with comfortable quarters, regular vet checkups, hoof trimming, and quality feed.


Reason #2: Freshness

A person fills up their bottle at a self-serve milk on tap dispenser.

In true farmstead style, all of our products are processed on-site. This means milk is as fresh as the same day you purchase it.


Reason #3: You are what you eat

a tractor drives through the dairy barn in the early morning to deliver feed

Our dairy herd enjoys a diet based on grass, hay, and forage. This makes for richer, sweeter milk - because when the herd eats well, so do we.


Reason #4: A simple product is simply better

From barn to bottle, the only thing done to our milk is pasteurization (learn more about that here). And that’s it, you have delicious whole cream top milk.

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