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Little Qualicum Cheeseworks

Bleu Claire

Bleu Claire

Semi-firm blue-veined raw milk cheese

B.F. 25% | Moist. 41%

  • Aged: 6+ months
  • Pasteurized

Soft ■■■■■■□□ Firm

Approachable ■■■■■■■□ Adventurous

A firm, crumbly blue with a sweet softness. The tangy bite mellows on the tongue to a buttery blue finish.


Pasteurized milk, salt, cultures, enzyme, calcium chloride

Additional Information

Unit size: ~190g

Vegetarian, Nut Free, Gluten Free*
*In every batch (1600L) of Bleu Claire we put in approximately 30ml of blue cheese mould. This mould is propagated in wheat nutrient and then chemically extracted so that the final product does not contain levels of gluten required for an allergen warning.

All of our cheeses are made using cow's milk.

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  • Taste

    Pungent, sharp, buttery

  • Pair

    Crisp fruit, salted almonds

Crafted with care, every step of the way.

Happy cows = good milk = good cheese.